Welcome to My Baby Companion

Welcome to My Baby Companion – the one app you need to keep on top of all that you need to buy for you and your new baby

Having a new baby is an exciting time, no doubt about it. But it’s also pretty full-on – trying to keep on top of all that you need to do and organise for yourself, your baby, your health, your household and your life.

But when it comes to making the purchases that are right for you and baby, My Baby Companion is here to help.

My Baby Companion is cleverly designed to help you collect, review and decide on the items that are going to work best for you, your baby and your circumstances.

And it’s 100% Australian and independent. My Baby Companion is not trying to sell you anything – it simply helps you review and collect all the advice, information, ideas and preferences you have.



All the information and advice is based on the behaviour of other new mums and dads. Crowd-sourcing ensures the information provided is independent and based on the wisdom of other parents just like you

You create the shopping list and set the budget that suits your personal circumstances - we simply support you with plenty of tips and advice to help you make your selections

Create collections of all your favourite items in a way that suits you. Take photos, scan bar codes, enter tips and advice you receive, add URLs – whatever you need to ensure you have all the info right there are your finger tips

Export and share your list at any time. Having a Baby Shower? Share your list on Facebook with your friends to make sure they know your preferences? Grandparents wanting to get involved? Make sure they buy the right pram by emailing them a copy of your favourites

Having more than one baby? No problem, My Baby Companion can help you out